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Travel Teaches Toleration

Travel Teaches Toleration

Oh boy, yes travel does teach us so much!  You can  learn  a lot about  the person your traveling with in a few short days! As a twin, one of my early eye openers was finally realizing  that every experience with my brother was never ever going to be as similar as with someone else. My brother and I were tuned into everything we observed.

So never the less, travel indeed teaches toleration in many many ways.  If we travel with openness and understanding to all those we meet, we begin to understand that everyone wants the same things... that is to work, provide for their family and to enjoy their time together whether on a weekend or on vacation.  When we acknowledge this, we become connected with respect. With respect comes toleration.

We indeed need more toleration in our lives. When we shut ourselves out to other peoples point of views, life styles, religious beliefs, etc., our travel becomes tainted, in essence, we cant see the forest for the trees.

This is not to say, that all is always good. We all know that there are a divine set of principles which guides us towards determining right and wrong.

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